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A group of Vietnam lawyers has called on the Government to remove its “disaster” for the profession.

Vietnam’s Supreme Court has heard arguments in a case that will determine the future of the law profession in the country, which is set to become the first nation in the world to legalize same-sex marriage.

The court has decided not to hear arguments from a lawyer representing a gay couple who are seeking to marry after the courts said they are the sole beneficiaries of the landmark law.

It also ruled the legal profession must continue to be run by the Civilian Law Practice Association (CLPA) after the court said it could not be run as an independent entity.

“We think it is a mistake,” lawyer Thuan Van Huan, who represents two gay Vietnamese men, told ABC News.

Mr Van Hualn, who is also a member of the CLPA, said the decision to scrap the CLPAs main office and all its staff was “disappointing” and that the government needed to “stop acting as a judge”.

“The CLPA has been a key voice in advocating for the rights of Vietnamese people for many years,” Mr Van Hwan said.

He said the CLPS chief executive, Nguyen Van Yieu, who was also appointed by President Tran Dai Quang, should step down.

Clinic to become a ‘disappointment’ for Vietnam lawyers’ rights, lawyer says ‘There’s no justice’ Mr Van Hoan said the government must not only recognise the CLPs rights but also work to ensure its members were “treated with dignity and respect”.

He urged the Government not to “undermine the CLAPA’s independence and independence of the legal practice profession”.

Clinical law is one of the oldest legal fields in the Vietnam and is considered to be the most relevant in the region, he said.

“The fact that we’re losing our professional presence in Vietnam is not just a matter of time.

It’s a matter about justice.”

Mr Nguyen said the court decision was a “disgrace” and said he would not be deterred from continuing to work.

‘We are still not a single voice’ The CLPA is not the only Vietnamese group that has called for the abolition of the profession and its “toxic” relationship with the government.

In January, a group of lawyers representing two gay Vietnam men filed a civil lawsuit against the government over the country’s “disproportionate” use of the term civil law.

They are also suing for damages.

While the CLPOA is in opposition, the CLPDA, which represents civil law professionals, said it had not yet filed a formal statement on the court’s decision.

CLPAs lawyers are also among the many groups who are lobbying for the repeal of the so-called “disparate impact” laws, which penalise gay and lesbian Vietnamese for having sexual relations outside of marriage.

The CLPOAs civil law practice group said it would appeal the decision in the Supreme Court.


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