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Legal advice is a fundamental duty for lawyers and judges, but in practice it can be difficult to get it right.

This article provides advice on how to deal with any legal issues raised by the community.

First, some background: civil law and community law are closely related, but are often considered distinct legal fields.

The Civil Law Association of Australia (CLAA) sets out the principles that underpin community law, while the Community Law Association (CLA) provides a broad framework of legal advice for both civil and community members.

It is important to remember that civil law is a branch of civil law.

While civil law does not apply to people in the general community, the community may have different laws, rules and obligations.

For example, the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) is a court that hears disputes between a business, association or individual.

In most cases, this means a court hearing a case is not the point of contact for most people who want to get legal advice.

However, it does provide an avenue for people to ask for help, including legal advice, as they can get legal assistance from the VCAT.

As well as providing legal advice and guidance to people, the VCT is also a forum for the public to get advice about community law.

The VCAT has a wide range of resources available to those who want help.

The CLA has a comprehensive collection of general civil law advice.

The advice is written for both general and community legal practitioners.

The ACL and the CLA have separate services, but both groups are also available to lawyers and others for legal advice or legal assistance.

Civil law and the community law Both of these organisations provide legal advice on issues that affect both civil law professionals and community lawyers, whether those lawyers are members of the community or not.

This is a major part of the work that lawyers and community groups do to support and protect the rights of the general public.

Legal advice provided by the CLAA is available to members of legal professions and groups, including law students, and is a useful and accessible resource for law students.

The information is not restricted to law students and the advice is available free of charge to all people who apply.

However it is a good idea to ask to see a lawyer about the service, and if possible ask the person you are consulting.

The community law advice provided is free, and there is no obligation to ask a lawyer for advice.

Legal aid and civil law A wide range

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