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By CNN Health on April 29, 2018 12:16:07As we know, a virus like coronavirus can kill people in minutes and in a fraction of the time it takes for the virus to travel through a body.

But as the pandemic has raged, there have been cases of cases of the virus spreading in ways that aren’t considered dangerous until it reaches the heart and lungs.

That’s when it becomes dangerous.

Here are a few tips to help you stay protected.1.

Stay home.

When you’re not home, don’t go to the office or to a public place.

If you need to go to work or to school, you can do so only when you’re fully fit and comfortable.2.

Use an anti-bacterial cream and wipe your face every few hours.3.

Wear a mask whenever you leave the house.4.

Don’t go outside.

Don�t do anything that can spread the virus outside the home.5.

Be aware of the weather.

Be careful to stay indoors and take precautions against mosquitoes, ticks, and diseases.6.

Donate to local organizations to help keep people and animals safe.

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