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Civil rehabilitation laws cover the whole range of rehabilitative services and conditions that can be provided under the civil rehabilitation law.

Civil rehabilitation provides legal protections to those who have suffered an abuse or criminal behaviour, and is often used as a defence against civil liability.

Read more about civil rehabilitation laws.

civil rehabilitation,crime,criminal justice,civil code source ABC News (AU) title Civil Rehabilitation Law outline article Criminal justice and civil rehabilitation are two areas of the criminal justice system that fall under the jurisdiction of the courts.

Criminal law includes a number of criminal offences that can affect rehabilitation, such as burglary, robbery, car theft, assault and murder.

Read the criminal law section of our guide to the criminal code.

civil,criminal,criminal law,criminal rehabilitation source ABC World News (BN) title Criminal Rehabilitation Legislation outline article There are several different types of criminal rehabilitation law in place, including the Civil Rehabiliation Act 1988, the Civil Justice Act 1984 and the Civil Sentencing Act 1999.

Read our criminal rehabilitation section to find out how you can benefit from a criminal rehabilitation sentence.

civil code,code of laws,code source ABC New Zealand title Civil code,Code of Laws outline article The Civil Code was established in 1949 to set out the law in New Zealand and to govern our relations with other countries.

Read about the law and how it applies to your situation.

civil justice,criminal code,criminal laws source ABC Business (AU,NZ) title Code of Laws: A Guide to the Criminal Code article A criminal code is a written document containing criminal offences and penalties, as well as general principles for law enforcement and the courts to follow.

Read how it works, and to find what the criminal codes terms mean.

criminal justice,code,criminal codes source ABC Fact (AU & NZ) title Crime Prevention and Corrections Act: A Criminal Code Guide article The Crime Prevention Act provides the laws and regulations that govern how New Zealanders can prevent, detect and punish crime.

Read a brief overview of the Crime Prevention, Punishment and Investigation Act.

criminal,code enforcement,criminal courts source ABC NEWS (AU&NZ) issue title Criminal Justice and Criminal Courts: A guide to Criminal Justice article The Criminal Justice Act 2000 is New Zealand’s criminal justice legislation.

It was introduced in 2018 and provides for more than 200 criminal offences.

Read this article about the criminal laws.

criminal code,crime law,codes,criminal court source ABC Future (AU issue) title Legal Guide to Criminal Courts article The New Zealand Criminal Courts Act provides for the selection of judges, sentencing, the establishment of the Judicial Conduct Authority, and the appointment of judges.

Read criminal law for more information about how the criminal courts operate.

criminal courts,courts,courting source ABC Australia title How can I make a claim against a criminal court?

source ABC Privacy source ABC Consumer Protection (AU only) title How to get legal advice article Find out how to file a claim with a criminal tribunal.

criminal court,criminal tribunal source ABC Health (AU and NZ) issue article Criminal Court Proceedings (CCP) is a legal system that involves criminal proceedings in which the accused is charged with a crime and has the right to legal representation.

Read on for a brief guide to this process.

criminal prosecution,justice,justice court source Current Issues (AU/NZ) article What is a criminal prosecution?

The criminal prosecution process is a way for the courts, magistrates and the Crown Prosecutors Office (CPA) to charge an individual with a particular offence.

A criminal prosecution can involve a trial, a plea bargain or a conviction, and can be carried out in the Magistrates Court, the New Zealand Supreme Court or the District Court.

criminal law,crime source ABC news (AU), ABC Business Australia (AU)] title Criminal Law: A Lawyer’s Guide to Understanding the Law article Legal advice is an essential part of a lawyer’s practice.

Read legal advice from the ABC Legal Ethics team, and get free legal advice on any topic.

civil law,law,criminal statute,criminal offence source ABC Current Contents article Civil law provides legal protection to those whose behaviour has been a source of abuse, crime, criminal or social disorder, and who have been a victim of a crime.

Criminal code is New Zealander law that covers a wide range of criminal matters.

Read civil code section of the guide to civil law.

civil rights,justice system,criminality source ABC History (AU to NZ) article Civil Rights Act 1948 defines who has the rights and duties of citizens under the Civil Rights Acts.

Read its history.

civil courts,court,courtesy,courty source ABC National article Civil courts: a legal process that involves an individual being charged with or being tried for a crime by a judge or other person acting in his or her own right.

Read an overview of civil courts.

criminal trial,criminal prosecution,criminal proceedings source ABC Lawyer article A lawyer can represent a person in a criminal trial.

Civil Justice has the power to give

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