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When I was younger, my dad had a cottage, so I spent a lot of time there with my brother and his friends.

One day, I noticed a large pile of books and magazines sitting on the patio.

I picked them up and saw that they had all been written by Canadian writers.

I thought it was cool, because I thought, well, I can do this.

But I was wrong.

Canadian writers were very good at it.

They had stories that were so good, they were so original, that I thought that was very cool, too.

The more I read about them, the more I realized they were just trying to do it right, and I was right.

I would think, Oh, I’m doing it wrong.

But they weren’t.

And then I started thinking about Canadian authors.

Canadians are so good at writing about Canada.

And the more we learn about Canada, the better it becomes for us.

And I guess the funnest thing is, when we learn something new, we get better at it, too, because we start to understand how other cultures work, and we get that from the writers of the world.

We get that.

I am an American, but I still have this respect for the Canadian writers, the Canadians, because they were really good at what they were doing, and they were very honest about what they did.

And they are all Canadian.

The best part about being Canadian is that you have a sense of pride in being a member of the country.

So you know that the country is really good.

It’s really good, and it’s all right, but the best part is that we’re not trying to prove anything, because it’s not that easy.

We’re not competing against other countries.

We have to go out and have fun, and enjoy ourselves, and not have too much of a bad attitude.

We are just trying our best to make it better.

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