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Civil law practitioners (CLPs) are legal practitioners who practice law in the public interest.

They have a specialised knowledge of civil law, and the rules of the law, as well as providing legal services to the public.

They may also work in a community or local authority, as a court-appointed attorney or as a judge or prosecutor.

CLPs have specialised skills in the area of civil and criminal law, with a focus on the areas of criminal law and the law of tort.

They also have expertise in matters relating to employment, housing and community relations.

They provide advice and representation on matters affecting the interests of the community, such as the employment of private contractors, housing arrangements, and employment of public sector workers.

They are also often involved in matters of public policy and in the regulation of the public sector.

There are two types of CLPs, either in the private or public sector, although the latter are generally more common in the former.

Private sector CLPs often provide legal advice and represent clients in the course of their own work, as is the case with some lawyers in the law profession.

In the public sphere, however, CLPs are typically engaged in the provision of services for the public, as they often do in the legal profession.

The types of civil service CLPs include civil servants, public servants, court staff, probation officers, probation commissioners, police officers, and probation and parole officers.

A civil servant is a person who has been appointed to an office or a position of trust or responsibility by virtue of their official position.

The term civil service refers to any position that has a function of a position that requires them to perform a function, and includes but is not limited to those that involve working in government, the public or private sector.

The public service refers, in contrast, to any job that has no function.

A court staff member is a member of the court that has the power to make rules relating to a particular case, and is normally employed by a court.

A probation officer is a probation officer employed by the court.

They typically have a specific responsibility to ensure that a probation order is carried out.

A police officer is employed to provide police protection.

A community protection officer is an officer who, in the case of an individual or small number of individuals, is responsible for managing and enforcing the conditions of the peace in a local area.

A social services worker is an employee of a social services agency who is responsible, within a prescribed scope, for the welfare of individuals in a given community.

Public service CLP Civil service law is the law in force in Australia for all the purposes of civil society, including civil law.

It provides for the provision and enforcement of law by the Commonwealth Government, the State and Territory Governments, and other State and local authorities, and for the regulation and supervision of the conduct of private affairs.

The functions of civil servants include providing legal advice, advising on the application of legislation and regulations, providing advice on matters of legislation relating to the provision, administration and enforcement by public authorities of public services, and advising on matters relating in particular to health and safety and the protection of vulnerable people.

Public servants generally do not have the power of trial and appeal.

They usually work for an agency or organisation and are appointed to a position for which they are qualified.

They work under contract, which typically means that they receive no remuneration, except in certain instances, such the case where they are employed to perform administrative tasks for an organisation.

A public sector CLP is a public sector worker appointed to work in the interests, and in accordance with the provisions of the Public Service Act 1989.

Public sector workers are usually public servants who have a position with an agency in a public service area.

Public services include: the Department of Human Services and its branches; the Department for Primary Industries; the Northern Territory Public Service; the Australian Capital Territory Public Sector Commission; and the Australian Transport Safety Bureau.

The roles of private sector workers include private secretaries, accountants, lawyers, accountancy professionals, information technology professionals, business people, and people with specialised professional knowledge.

Private employment, or employment outside the workplace, is often undertaken by people who have an understanding of the workplace environment.

These include teachers, nurses, health workers, and carers.

They often work with others in a group setting, and may be working for a public or a private employer.

The purpose of a public servant is to provide advice, support and guidance to the Government and the public on matters which relate to public policy, law, the law relating to private law and public employment.

The Government is the statutory authority for administering the Public Services Act 1989 and the Public Sector Reform Act 1994.

The Public Service Reform Act 1992 is the government’s legislative instrument to reform the delivery of public service services.

The reforms were announced in March 1995 and are currently being implemented.

The legislative reform includes the establishment of a new Commission for Public Service Performance

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