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The NFL is taking its collective bargaining process to the next level.

The league and players have been in negotiations since last summer, but the new CBA came into effect Friday.

The new CAB is an unprecedented, two-year extension of the league’s existing contract with players.

It gives players an additional 10 years to stay in the union and gives the league more bargaining power, but also includes some tough language for players that would prevent them from negotiating on a more generous deal.

As a result, the league and NFLPA are trying to work out an extension that is more in line with the union’s demands.

That means a deal that would give players a significant wage increase and some new bargaining power over the league.

In a press conference Friday, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said the new agreement is not a deal in which players would get all the benefits of the new contract.

The new deal doesn’t change the structure of the union, Goodell said.

It’s more about how the league deals with the player.

The NFLPA is asking for an increase in the average annual salary for the NFL players to $12 million.

They also want to increase the salary cap to $140 million, which would put the cap at $1 billion.

Goodell said it would be difficult to negotiate a better deal for players, which includes a raise for the players but no cap increase.

“We have an agreement, and we’re going to continue to negotiate on it,” Goodell said Friday.

“But the most important thing to do is to move ahead and move forward.”

The NFL and the union are working to find a deal for the league to keep the players in the league, Goodell added.

He said it’s important to “work together to make sure that that doesn’t happen.”

“We can’t have one or the other, and it’s a very important thing for our players,” Goodell added, before adding: “We need to do our best.”

Players say the deal isn’t enough.

They want the teams to guarantee their players a salary increase and a new bargaining unit that would include the NFLPA and players.

“The contract itself does not guarantee that a player will get the money they are owed, and they’re not getting it,” NFL Players Association President Eric Winston said.

“They’re getting a salary that’s going to go up.

And I don’t think the players are getting the money that they deserve.”

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