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Civil lawsuits against corporations and politicians are getting increasingly popular.

That’s despite the country’s history of being a one-party dictatorship, where a ruling elite is always in control.

In this time of crisis, the civil law has emerged as a powerful tool for addressing systemic injustices and challenging impunity.

The Law Center for Constitutional Freedoms has helped many of these cases succeed in court, while the International Crisis Group has released a study on how they work.

For instance, one case against the Colombian president, Juan Manuel Santos, has received a $5.5 million settlement.

The case also has a strong potential for international recognition, as Colombia’s Supreme Court ruled in favor of it last year.

Colombia is a small country, with less than 20 million people.

However, as the population grows, so does the number of cases filed, says Juan Carlos Garcia, a lawyer and lecturer at the University of the Andes in Colombia.

“These are the kinds of cases that can generate enormous publicity and have real consequences for the economy,” he says.

“And it is really a unique opportunity for the lawyers.”

The process of suing corporations is similar to that of a typical civil lawsuit.

There are two elements: a legal document and an allegation of wrong-doing.

The first comes from a complaint or accusation, and the second is a complaint of a crime.

Civil cases are filed in private courts and can involve many parties.

The legal document is usually a complaint against a company or a member of a political party.

The complaint, often filed by a person who is the plaintiff, usually lists specific facts, such as an alleged violation of the law.

The allegations are based on facts gathered from witness testimony, documents, court records, and other documents.

When a plaintiff files a civil lawsuit, the plaintiff can claim damages and other damages in the form of a monetary amount or a percentage of profits, depending on the facts of the case.

The plaintiff is not required to prove that a crime has been committed.

The plaintiffs can also sue the company for damages that were not directly caused by the defendant.

The company will have to show that the violation was intentional or intentional in nature, such that it was a substantial factor in the company’s loss.

The damages will be calculated on a case-by-case basis.

In most cases, the parties agree to a settlement, usually by agreeing to pay a percentage amount or on a cash settlement, according to Garcia.

“This is the case of a small company who has lost hundreds of millions of dollars,” he explains.

“The money they get back is a very large sum.

So the legal process takes years.”

The number of complaints filed against companies in Colombia has grown rapidly, from 1,000 cases in 2013 to more than 7,000 last year, according the Colombian Center for Human Rights and Constitutional Freedess.

It is not unusual for these lawsuits to take years to resolve.

The lawsuits also have a long way to go before reaching the threshold for national recognition.

But Garcia says they could prove useful in some instances.

“We think it is the best way to get more visibility in the world and give a voice to the victims,” he said.

Civil lawsuits are a useful tool to highlight the importance of justice and accountability in Colombia, and for the international community to pay attention to them, he adds.

“In some ways, the way to stop the cycle of impunity is to get civil litigation underway,” he concludes.

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