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France’s Civil Law Reform Commission voted to abolish its civil law, which was in place for nearly half a century before a series of political upheavals led to its downfall.

Civil law, or the laws governing civil disputes, has long been seen as a powerful tool for the state, with judges often acting as arbitrators in complex disputes between private parties.

But in France, the ruling Socialist government has made the abolition a priority, with the aim of making the system less costly and easier to enforce.

The move comes as the country prepares to host a World War II commemoration ceremony to mark the 100th anniversary of the end of the French Empire, and a new constitution is expected to come into force soon.

The French president has also vowed to scrap the country’s national constitution, which sets out the countrys legal system.

The repeal of civil law is seen as one of the biggest challenges facing France, which has been struggling with a chronic shortage of judges for the past decade and is the world’s most expensive country to run an economy.

France’s civil law system was created by a law passed in 1794 that allowed the king to appoint civil law officers, but it was gradually reduced to the status of a provincial court, which the king could appoint as he wished.

Civil laws are often based on the most recent legal decisions, which were often based solely on the kings decisions and did not provide any real legal protection for the citizens.

The abolition of civil-law courts could open the door to judicial reforms, including those to reduce the role of judges and give judges greater independence.

The reforms could also help France regain some of its sovereignty in the face of global economic and social upheaval.

A key issue for civil-land dispute is the right to a fair trial.

French civil law allows a person accused of a crime to be tried by a court of law, but the courts have been criticized for often allowing false evidence to be used against suspects.

France is the first European country to eliminate its civil-legislation system, but other European countries are also considering the same move.

The United Kingdom, the Netherlands and the United States have also abolished their laws governing the courts, and Germany has repealed its law.

Civil-law reforms have been one of several measures by the European Union to reform the judicial system in the wake of the Arab Spring, which brought down governments across the continent.

Some European nations have also begun to overhaul their criminal justice systems, which often see a disproportionate amount of the country s criminal cases go to the courts.

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