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A lawyer in Ontario is now working with the province’s civil law division to create guidelines on the basics of civil rights law.

In a blog post, Justice Anne Bader wrote that she was working on a guide to civil law issues, as well as a “civil rights checklist” for lawyers to work with the legal system.

Bader was responding to a request from the Ontario Civil Liberties Association for guidance on how lawyers should handle cases of discrimination and racial profiling.

“The Ontario Civil Rights Division (OCRD) and the Law Society of Upper Canada are both very well-regarded for their understanding of the law and for their dedication to protecting the rights of all Ontarians,” she wrote.

“We appreciate that they are seeking guidance on the most important legal issues facing Ontarians, especially those whose rights have been adversely impacted by discriminatory practices.”

The Ontario Civil Lawyers Association has not yet responded to a CBC News request for comment.

“I’ve heard a lot about civil rights,” said Justice Bader.

“It’s hard to say where I think the gap is.

I’m hopeful that we can close it in a way that respects Ontarians and helps ensure fairness for all Canadians.”

Legal experts told CBC News they would welcome such guidance.

“As lawyers, we’re all trained to be lawyers,” said Richard Fischbacher, a civil lawyer with the law firm Cushman & Fox in Ottawa.

“When we’re talking about rights, we need to be careful about not making things too broad.”

“It is not appropriate for us to provide legal advice to people who have never dealt with legal issues, and I think that’s something that should be made clear to people,” said Fischbracher.

Bady said she hoped the guidance would also help to ease the legal stress on lawyers in Ontario.

“In the course of doing this, I’ve found that a lot of the lawyers that I’ve spoken to have a lot more confidence in their professional expertise than they have in their legal experience,” she said.

“There’s a lot that we need the guidance to do.”

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