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The US is launching a new civil lawsuit against Apple and Google, and the companies are responding with a statement of defence.

The case against the tech giants stems from a patent lawsuit brought by the US on behalf of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

The US government argued that the tech companies infringed on the technology of the US.

But on Wednesday, Apple and other tech giants responded by filing an affidavit with the court in the case, which will ask the court to dismiss the case.

In their statement of claim, Apple, Facebook and Google say that the civil case is a “commercial intrusion” on the American public and that the plaintiffs “took no action to protect the public interest”.

In a statement, the tech firms said: “The complaint is a frivolous and frivolous lawsuit and is frivolous because the plaintiffs have failed to show how they were harmed.

Apple, as a technology company, has always stood behind its products, and we have been providing software updates and updates to the Apple Watch since 2007.”

The companies also say that “the US Constitution does not allow the courts to enforce civil law as they would against the Government”.

“The Plaintiffs have not shown that they or any of their employees were harmed, or that they benefited from any of the alleged harms, as their claims are not supported by substantial evidence,” they added.

Apple’s statement of complaint states that it has been “reviewing and investigating” the issue of the patent infringement since at least December 2017.

“The Plaintiff filed an affidavit on December 7, 2017, to formally seek a dismissal of the complaint, seeking the declaratory judgment that the patent is invalid and void, and requesting that the Court dismiss the complaint,” the statement reads.

“In the affidavit, the Plaintiff states that Apple did not take any steps to protect consumers from the infringing product, that Apple’s products were never used for illegal purposes, and that Apple never had the ability to monitor the users’ devices or make decisions about their use.”

In response to the Plaintiff’s affidavit, Apple has filed an amendment to its affidavit, seeking to amend the Plaintiff ‘declaration’ to include allegations of a ‘commercial intrusion on the public right of expression, free speech and association by Apple and others’ to the extent that Apple has a substantial interest in enforcing its patent.

“Facebook’s statement says that it “has been reviewing the allegations of infringement and has made no decision to dismiss”.”

We are reviewing the affidavit and the complaint to determine whether or not there are sufficient facts to support the allegations,” the company added.”

We intend to file a response to this complaint at a later date.

“Apple has said that it will “continue to fight for our users, protecting them from any threats to their privacy, security or personal freedoms”.”

Apple and Google are wrong about this,” said Josh Pitcock, an EFF legal technologist. “

The plaintiffs have not demonstrated that they suffered any harm from Apple’s infringing products.”

“Apple and Google are wrong about this,” said Josh Pitcock, an EFF legal technologist.

“These companies have been fighting for years to get this patent and are trying to make it invalid.

This lawsuit is just another step in that effort.””

The American people are tired of being lied to by these companies, and Apple and Facebook should stop pretending that their products can be trusted and should pay the US government billions of euros in damages.”

Apple and Facebook will now argue the case in court, which is set to begin on May 16.

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