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Civil rights advocates are warning that if President Donald Trump continues down this path, his agenda will be just as damaging to the country as it is to its core.

Trump’s proposed executive order would strip protections for LGBT people and other minorities from many of the nation’s laws.

Under his proposal, the Department of Justice and the Department on Civil Rights would be allowed to enforce discriminatory laws, including those that bar LGBT people from public housing and employment.

Under his proposed legislation, the government would have power to force businesses to provide certain services or services to people of the same sex, including bathrooms, locker rooms, and showers.

The president would also be able to issue temporary protections to protect LGBTQ people from discrimination in schools, in federal contracts, and in health care, housing, and other areas.

In the face of these proposed actions, civil rights advocates have been warning that they will be in danger of losing the protections they currently enjoy, and that it will be much harder to protect vulnerable communities if Trump is able to pursue his agenda.

In a statement, the Human Rights Campaign called Trump’s proposed policies “a threat to the rights of every American.”

“This is not a time to retreat.

It is a time for the government to come forward with bold policies that will make America stronger,” HRC President Chad Griffin said.

“We will continue to fight to protect our basic rights, including the right to live our lives openly and authentically.”

A Trump spokesperson told BuzzFeed News the president believes in “equality and tolerance.”

“The president has been consistent in his commitment to support LGBT equality and inclusion,” the spokesperson said.

“[Trump] is the only one on the ballot who has proposed an amendment that would guarantee transgender Americans equal access to restrooms, locker room facilities, and bathrooms, and he is a leader in opposing the harmful and discriminatory policies of this administration.

We welcome the opportunity to have this debate and the opportunity for a conversation to move forward.

We are proud to work with President Trump to pass important legislation that will benefit every American in every way.”

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