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New Zealand’s civil law partnership will provide legal advice and support to civil society organisations who face threats or harassment online, according to its chief executive.

The Civil Law Partner (CLP) will be based in Wellington, and will provide advice to the community, and provide advice and assistance to organisations who are affected by online threats or other harmful acts.CLP will also assist local organisations in the investigation of cyberbullying.

It will be in partnership with the National Civil Liberties Association and NZ Civil Liberties Union (NZCLU).

“This is a critical time in our country, in terms of cyber bullying, and the lack of transparency around who is responsible for protecting civil society and how we protect ourselves online,” said CLP CEO Mark Robinson.

“The CLP is committed to standing up for civil liberties, and we will be doing everything we can to support civil society.”

The CLT will be made up of lawyers, journalists, civil rights activists and social media professionals.

It will also have a board of directors, including the Chief Executive Officer, the Executive Director, the Legal Adviser, and an Executive Vice-President.

In December, New Zealand Police released a report into online threats.

It found that more than 300,000 individuals had been threatened in 2017.

It said online threats had been “increasingly used by individuals to commit online acts of violence and terrorism”.

In a statement, the Police said the report found that threats were increasingly being made on social media, and more people were being targeted by such threats than ever before.

It said the increase in threats was not only related to the number of people who use social media platforms, but also to the increased use of mobile apps and digital content, and that the report did not consider threats that could be made through text messaging.

The report said that threats to public safety had become a “global phenomenon”, and that many social media companies and other platforms had failed to take action.

“While we are not aware of any individual in New Zealand being the victim of a violent online threat, we urge people to be vigilant when communicating online,” it said.

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