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Norway has become the latest country to seek a new trial for a man convicted of murdering three members of the country’s Muslim community, and the Supreme Judicial Court (SKJ) could take up the case.

The court will hear a petition from a man named Karsten Berggren, who says the ruling to overturn his conviction is a violation of Norway’s constitution.

Berggran was convicted in 2014 of the murder of the brothers Harald, Hilde and Olaf Håkon.

The brothers were found with their throats slit in their apartment in Oslo’s main mosque in July 2017.

The SKJ will hear the case at the same time as the appeal is heard by the Supreme Administrative Court, which is overseeing the appeal.

The Supreme Administrative Appeals Chamber (SKA) is a separate court, not part of the Supreme Supreme Court, and its decisions are not binding on the SKJ.

The SKA ruled in November that Berggreren’s conviction should be overturned because the murder was not committed with premeditation or planned.

The ruling could make it harder for Norway to grant asylum to a Muslim man whose asylum request has been rejected.

Norway is the only country that rejects asylum claims based on the conviction of a Muslim.

Norway is also considering extending its asylum process to a man whose trial was halted because he was deemed to be a “danger to public order” and because he is a suspected member of the far-right, white-nationalist group the Norwegian Jobbik.

The man has appealed his conviction.

Berggren’s lawyer, Peter Nansen, said he would be filing an appeal of the decision to deny his client a new hearing.

“We have no doubt that our client will be granted a new opportunity to argue the case,” Nansen said.

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