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LANGUAGE: English title What is a refugee?

A quick primer article A refugee is someone who has fled persecution in their home country.

They are entitled to protection in Sweden, and if they do not leave within six months they are granted asylum.

A refugee can have a right to reside in Sweden and live in Sweden without paying taxes, or even if they have paid taxes in another country, they may not be able to return to their country of origin.

If a refugee does not have a residence permit, they are entitled only to the right to stay in Sweden.

However, the government cannot expel a refugee who has not paid taxes, and the government will only do so if there is an urgent emergency.

The government will also deport any refugee who is convicted of a crime, or who is suspected of being in the country illegally, or has a history of violence.

If the refugee is granted asylum, they must pay taxes, obtain employment or education, or pay fines.

If they are convicted of crimes or have a history on the run, they will be deported.

The right to live in the United States, however, is not granted to refugees.

Refugees are eligible to apply for a work permit, and they may be eligible for other benefits such as unemployment insurance.

A permanent resident is someone that is legally in the U.S. for more than 90 days.

Permanent residents are considered legal permanent residents in Sweden for immigration purposes.

A non-immigrant is someone without a valid residence permit who is not a resident of Sweden.

Non-immigrants can apply for asylum, but they must prove that they are in imminent danger of being persecuted.

Nonimmigrants who live in refugee camps in other countries are often persecuted.

In many countries, non-immigrant citizens have been granted citizenship and become legal permanent resident status, and that status has been extended to include non-refugees.

In the U, the UAC is the U., which is the federal agency that issues refugee visas and which has jurisdiction over refugee claims.

It is the Federal Immigration Service, or FIS, that issues permanent residency visas.

A Swedish citizen is entitled to permanent residency in Sweden if they meet the requirements.

Sweden has the highest number of immigrants of any country in the world.

In 2016, Sweden had a total of 7.5 million people, more than all other European countries combined.

The country has been a popular destination for foreign students, as well as people seeking employment abroad.

The United States is the largest immigrant-hosting country in Europe.

The majority of asylum seekers are from South America, and a significant number come from the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.

Asylum seekers can also come from Europe if they qualify.

Sweden is also home to a large number of refugees.

In 2015, Sweden took in 1,054,000 asylum seekers, according to Sweden’s Migration Agency.

In addition to having one of the largest populations of asylum-seekers in the European Union, Sweden has also taken in asylum-seeking migrants from across the world in recent years.

Asylum seekers who enter Sweden are not entitled to any social benefits, and will have to pay fines or be sent back to their home countries.

The Swedish government has said that there is a high risk of persecution in Sweden due to its large immigrant population.

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