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Cambodian civil and criminal law stipulates that couples can only have sex outside of marriage if they agree to a divorce.

Marriage is defined as a contract between a man and a woman.

The law also prohibits a couple from having more than one child.

A man and woman who marry outside of their relationship can still be married.

A woman can be married to multiple men and can have up to three children.

Cambodia’s current law has no specific mention of polygamy, though some religious groups, including the Buddhist-majority Buddhist Party, have endorsed polygamy as a way of maintaining family unity.

A recent poll found that 71 percent of Cambodians support polygamy, but only 18 percent of the country’s citizens agree.

If the law is not changed, the poll indicated, a majority of Cambodian voters would not support the current law.

A court ruled in 2012 that the country should no longer enforce polygamy, and the country has since been reopening some of the old laws, including one that bans polygamy.

In 2012, Cambodian officials launched a crackdown on those who violate the law, but the crackdown has not made much of an impact.

“Cambodia’s law is the most progressive in the world,” said Ngorongsa Phansan, the director of the Center for Gender and Gender Studies at the University of Hong Kong.

The country has legalized polygamy and also some forms of sexual abuse and domestic violence.

The current government has yet to release an official estimate of how many women and girls are married to more than 10 men each, but many believe that number is high.

A 2012 survey of women by the Cambodian Ministry of Women and Family found that 90 percent of women had married a man at least once, and that 40 percent of all married women in Cambodia have been married to at least one man.

The government is working to bring these numbers down, Phansa said.

A study conducted by the Center of Gender and Sexuality Studies at UC Berkeley found that in 2012, nearly half of Cambodans had been married, and more than half of all marriages in Cambodia were to at the very least one person.

More than half the Cambodians interviewed said that their marriage to more men than women was because they felt like they could not find a man of their own.

In 2010, more than 40 percent reported that they had been raped, and a recent survey by the National Center for Statistics and Data on Crime and Corruption found that more than 70 percent of rape victims are married.

It is difficult to know how many of the new couples are actually married, but experts say it is likely that the number is much higher.

“The problem is the people who are married are not living together,” Phansas said.

“It’s not that they are married but they live together.”

A 2013 survey conducted by Phnom Penh University’s National Institute of Health and Social Security found that about 90 percent are married, with just 6 percent living with a partner.

A 2015 study conducted at the Center on Globalization and Poverty in Thailand found that nearly 90 percent reported being married, while only 7 percent were living with an unmarried partner.

Many couples are also not married.

Many Cambodians do not want to get married.

Most couples don’t know they can’t have children until they have children.

Many are not married because they are not in love with each other or because they have a history of violence or a lack of financial stability.

A 2014 survey by Cambodia’s National Centre for Statistics showed that fewer than a quarter of Cambodias men were married at the time of the survey, while more than a third of women were married.

More Than Marriage Cambodia is a predominantly Christian country, but there are many different religions and ethnicities, and people of all religions and races live in the country.

Some religious groups practice polygamy, including Buddhism, which has a highly restrictive version of polygamy known as “monasticism.”

A 2006 survey by University of California, Berkeley, found that only 13 percent of its Cambodians believe in polygamy, while 62 percent of their Cambodian Christian counterparts do.

Many Buddhist monks and nuns are married outside of the community, and some monks and monks and women in Buddhist monasteries are married within the community.

A 2010 survey conducted at Cambodia’s Ministry of Social Affairs showed that almost half of married Cambodians were married outside the family, and 40 percent were in relationships outside the monastery.

“Some people in the church don’t want to marry,” Phanesan said.

In 2011, a report from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees found that 1 in 3 Cambodians have had at least some sort of intimate relationship outside of family.

The U.N. report said that many Cambodians also feel that polygamy is against their religion.

Some Cambodian Buddhists, especially the older generation, believe that the law against polygamy is outdated.

They believe that many of these women who are now married are the offspring of polygamous marriages.

“When we look at history, we see that

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