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    Our Law Firm MAI ABDULRAHMAN NASIB Advocates & Legal Consultancy consists of expert lawyers who exude sheer professionalism. Our team is highly trained to tackle a variety of cases and to please our clients to the utmost level.

    Law is basically a system of rules; those rules are produced by the governmental authorities to maintain or control the behavior. Laws are formulated to govern acts, it describes the boundaries, rights and duties. An organized legal action can be taken by the attorney of a law firm to justify their client’s actions or to prove them not-guilty.

    The legal actions that are taken must be aligned with the current social system and must be in harmony with Allah’s law as well.

    The proliferation of law firms in Emirates of Dubai and UAE is a clear indication as to how important this field, the field of law is. The growth in Law firms is a sign of awareness and an educated generation that are striving to arm the commoners with the tools of legal culture. Therefore, we are well-aware of the competitiveness that has to be practiced and maintained in order to satisfy our clients.

    We ensure our clients the best of the quality. We depend upon the long -standing management in the field of administration and law. Our leadership is enthusiastic to attain the goals of the National Agenda and the State Vision 2021. We attempt hard to provide excellent advisory service to all. We do not exploit individuals and their needs, rather try hard to spread the legal culture. We always try our level best to provide our clients information as to what action should be taken next by them and when is the time for their hired attorneys to intervene. Our firm also provides free consultation to any person regarding their query, we provide them with proper guidance.