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    Civil Law

    The law that deals with the rights of public and tells them how to act in accordance to the society. This branch of law also consists of the set of rules that should be followed in case of any disputes.

    Your cases can fall under these four common sub-categories of Civil Law;

    Torts: A law that deals with vandalizing or one person hurting another.

    Contract disputes: The law that define a set of rules when an agreement is signed between two parties.

    Property disputes: Deals with the issues related to any type of property including personal property and real property.

    Family Law: A branch that covers every aspect of a domestic/ household life such s divorce, marriage, adoption etc.

    This law is practiced in many parts of the world. These civil codes are practiced in Europe, Asia, Africa etc, which shows the level of importance that it possesses.

    Our team is fully versed in this category of law and they are always ready to protect the rights of civilians and to resolve any issue that has ignited disputes among individuals over property, torts etc. Our advocates will leave no leaf un-turn to provide justice and to aid our clients in any way possible.