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    Commercial Law

    This law is also called Trade Law and it is the type which is concerned with the rights, behaviour and relations involved in business including commerce, trade, sales etc.

    Your case’s nature can be from these following branches of commercial law, they are:

    Competition law: A law that endorses market competition by adapting anti-competitive behaviour by companies.

    Consumer protection: Under this law the rights of consumers are taken care of.

    Contract law: A set of rules listed by mutual agreement of parties, which are to be enforced or otherwise a legal action cab be taken.

    Environmental law: A type of law that advocates the effect of anthropogenic activities on the nature and natural resources.

    International trade law: A set of rules that addresses the conduct through which two countries must trade with each other.

    Labour law: A law governing the rights and responsibilities of labours.

    We are well-aware of our client’s commercial needs and desires. So, our team always has its finger on the pulse when it comes to the day to day change in the market conduct. Our lawyers are expert in protecting and pleading for even the most complicated and sensitive commercial legal issues, as we are dedicated to fulfilling our client’s expectations.