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    Criminal Law

    It is a law that is concerned with the crime or criminal activity. This law guides the public towards the actions that are prohibited by the governmental institutions. These laws are ratified by a legislature.

    There are several types of criminal offenses, some of them are:

    Personal Crimes: This type includes arson, domestic abuse, child abuse, kidnapping, rape etc

    Statutory Crimes: All the crimes that include alcohol, drugs and also white-collar crimes and traffic felonies etc.

    Property Crimes: The crimes that include damaging or stealing any property such as burglary, larceny, shoplifting etc.

    Financial Crimes: This includes any type of scam or deception such as black-mailing, tax evasion, money laundering etc.

    To prosecute a criminal offense, the respective crime is broken in to two parts by the defense lawyer, known as the ‘actus reus’ (the guilty act) and the ‘mens reus’ (the guilty mind). Proving these two elements, along with admissible evidence can cause a defendant to be convicted of the crime. Then depending upon the intensity of crime the culprit can be incarcerated for several years, mulct etc. The convicted individual can also ask for an appeal.

    Our lawyers are trained to endure the high pressure that comes with the criminal offense. They are extremely dedicated to when presenting a defense for their clients and protecting their clients’ constitutional rights. Our advocates also give an overview to the clients of the course of action to be taken. Our team takes our clients into full confidence before producing any evidence and always put them at the highest priority.