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    Labor Law & Employment Law

    This law is also referred to as Employment law. This law is concerned with the rights of and the duties upon the employees and labors. Under this law every aspect such as labour wages, working hours, working conditions, health and safety of the labour, child labour etc. comes.

    Our team is completely mindful of the society’s oppressed class, the class whose rights aren’t fulfilled the way they should be. So, to take legal actions against the transgressors, the ones who exploit these individuals, are lawyers bend over backwards to provide justice and to eradicate biasness.

    Our team is also fit to guide the labour class as to what their duties and responsibilities are, and our lawyers feel no hesitation to take legal action if the employees fail to keep up with their legal duties. Our team is highly skilled in working and presenting case in pressure related situations that is a part of case of this sort or of any other type.