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    To maintain a code of conduct and to ensure a smooth system in countries and globally, a set of laws are formed to administer the behaviour of individuals leading up to the different institutions. Without these different types of law and their implementation this world would have fallen in to chaos, far worse than today. There are many other types of laws such as:

    • Admiralty/ maritime Law

    There is no boundary in sea so to avoid tension between different costal states, all the costal countries need a set of regulation to guide their shipping, trade and they need a boundary within which they can exploit the resources present in the sea. So to resolve this issue maritime Law came in to existences which can be described as the conduct that has to be followed in an open sea including marine trade, nautical issues, shipping etc.

    • Cyber law

    In this modern era of today, Cyber Law has become extremely important, almost a necessity. People exploit the weak and vulnerable users and software to their advantage. So to avoid any cyber misdemeanour and to punish the cyber-criminal, Cyber Law is formulated. So Cyber Law is the set of rules or legal code concerned with the internet and cyber space.

    • Public Law

    This law states and governs the conduct according to which public interact with the government and those relations between one another which directly affect the society around them. Many other sub-categories come under Public Law such as procedural law, tax law, administrative law, constitutional law etc. This law holds immense important due to the fact that the government and the people hold unequal level of power and that the government only has the authority to make laws. The commoners have to be abide by those laws created for the citizens but if the citizens feel violated in any way they can challenge that specific law.

    • Environmental Law

    With the proliferation of modern technologies and population the demand of goods and their consumption has taken a toll on the environment. Most of the times people pollute the natural environment around them without any hesitation, so to bring this lot to justice Environmental Law is designed to protect the mother nature and to sustain it. Whole of the web of treaties, statutes, regulations that governs the effect of human activities on the environment come under this heading.

    • Military Law

    The law that regulate the conduct and the right so the armed personnel of any country. The military of a certain country is the back-bone of a state, they protect the country from any external or internal harm after Allah and so they deserve a special code to safeguard their rights. Also, this law is also stirred when military personnel shows a mis-conduct etc then Dishonourable Discharge, Court Martial or Non-judicial punishment is given to the respective individual under this law.

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